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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sweet Cravings!

Happy Sunday sweets!  Today's post is going to be part of a regular post that I will be calling
"Sweet Cravings".  Cravings are just part of my current shopping/wish list.  I hope to have these "cravings" in my closet, even though sometimes my cravings are wayyyy out of my budget.  Hey a girl can dream, right?!

I spend so much time at the mall during the holidays that once the holidays are over, I take a mall break.  Don't we need a mall break, once in a while?  I know I do!  Of course that doesn't mean I don't shop.  I love hitting up my local Target and Mandees.  Oh lets not forget the thrift fav!!!   Anyway, back to my cravings.  We are well into April and it feels like I haven't gone to the mall since forever!

I received a gift card from Forever 21 for Christmas, and I still haven't used it!  Do you use your gift cards right away??  Obviously, I don't!  With the weather getting nicer and nicer outside, I feel like I need some new items for my spring wardrobe.  I was browsing the Forever 21 website and these are just a few items on my wish list. 

Geo Tile High-Low Dress. 

Tiered Southwest Pendant.

I love this bracelet!!!  It reminds me of the Hermes Enamel Bracelet.  Which is wayyy over my budget :(
 Love these sequin floral flats!  I'm a flats girl!  I'm a simple girl living a simple life style. I do wear heels on occasion, but flats are my FAVORITE!  

Hopefully I can visit Forever 21 soon, and pick up some of these sweet treats!  Hope you enjoyed this post; till next time sweets!

Sweet Melissa

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