Melissa's Sweet Style: May 2017

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Nighttime With Shea Moisture Baby

AJ, my little sunshine!  He's been a pretty good sleeper since the beginning but sometimes it's still a bit challenging getting him to sleep through the night.  It was important to my husband and I that we get him on a nighttime routine, especially if we wanted mommy and daddy time. 

At around 8:15pm, I start by giving him a warm bath using the SheaMoisture Manuka Honey Provence Lavender Baby Nighttime Soothing Shampoo & Bath Milk

AJ's skin is very sensitive and he has a little eczema so it's imperative that we keep his skin moisturized.  I'm in love with this bath milk!  It feels super creamy and amazing on his skin.  It's sulfate free with certified organic shea butter and manuka honey. 

After his bath, I give him a nice baby message using the SheaMoisture Manuka Honey Provence Lavender Baby Nighttime Soothing Body Lotion

Mommy Tip: Baby messages are a great way to soothe and connect with your baby at bedtime.

I also use the Manuka Honey Provence Baby Chest Rub which I forgot to include in the pictures, sorry.  I just rub a little on his chest and the Provence Lavender Oil and Ylang Ylang provide a relaxing scent to unwind and encourage restful sleep.
After his bath and message its a little reading, and plenty of mama cuddles before I put him down for the night.

AJ is 5 months old now and is finally getting the hang of a nighttime routine.  Some nights are better than others.  If your having a hard time, don't give up!  Keep at it.  All babies are different, that we know.  Be patient!  Not only is it important for baby to get a good night sleep but for mommy and daddy too.

Happy mommy = happy baby


Monday, May 1, 2017

Reina Rebelde

Hi Sweets!  Happy May!

Today I'm celebrating Latina beauty with Reina Rebelde which means "rebellious queen" in English.  A new beauty line that celebrates the unique beauty of Latina Women.  

Reina Rebelde was born out of something I share with all Latinas — a passion for makeup and extreme pride for my cultural identity. I’m driven by knowing that today’s mujer can’t be defined or placed in just one box,” says  Regina Merson, Founder and CEO. 

 Let me tell you, I'm obsessed!  The line is bold and sexy but also super feminine.  The packaging itself, is a work of art.  

 The colors are gorgeous!  Bright pinks and bold reds!  The lip color stick in "Rosa Salvaje" is my favorite.  The names were inspired by attitudes that every Latina woman can relate to.  This wild pink is perfect for Spring. 

Another favorite was the "On your face + Color Trio in Coqueta, which means flirt.  The face contour color trio includes a pearl rose blush, matte bronzer and pearl white highlighter.  The perfect face palette to take with you on the go.  

You'll also love their 4 Play Wet/Dry Shadow Palette and the Rebel Eye Paint for those perfect brows.   There's lots to love about this line, no matter your heritage. 

Get 10% off on ReinaRebelde.Com  using "MELISSA" at checkout. 

Treat yourself to some new makeup!