Melissa's Sweet Style: January 2016

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"Curls" with nuNAAT Beauty!


Hey loves!  Happy New Year!  
I hope you guys had an amazing holiday season.  It's time to get 2016 rollin!   

This is my first post of the year, and it's all about HAIR!  

I know it's been a month since my last post but, I'm sure you all know that I've gone natural (7 months.)  I finally went and got a "real" curly girl haircut at 5 Salon Spa in Freehold, NJ with Ona.  She was amazing and gave me lots of advice on keeping my hair moisturized and healthy.  

I think the word "natural" means different things for different people, but for me it meant staying away from all heat for at least a year.  It also meant that I would have to use natural products that are sulfates, parabens, & silicone free.  These unnatural chemicals aren't good for any type of hair, but are especially damaging on your curls.

nuNAAT sent me their "Real Me' collection and I was so excited to try it!  nuNAAT uses some of the finest ingredients on their products.  They carefully crafted their line with the belief that with the right combination of natural ingredients, everyone can have great hair!

I instantly fell in love with the blast of shine hair mask.  Weekly deep conditioners/masks are so important for the health of your hair.  I always apply it to clean hair, and I use a plastic cap to keep all the moisture and heat in.  You only have to keep it in for 15-20 minutes, but I like to leave it in for at least a half hour.  The longer, the better.

Blast of Shine Hair Mask

I saw such a difference in my curl pattern with just one use of this mask.  My hair felt super soft and my curls were so defined even without product.  

Natural Curl Activator - Perfect Do Pomade
After my hair was washed and conditioned, I applied my leave-in conditioner and then I used the the natural curl activator.  This curl activator had my curls poppin!  It keeps your hair hydrated, not crunchy and frizz-free.

After applying the products, I like to air dry but with it being January and freezing, I usually diffuse.  My best advice for diffusing is to use cold air.  If your using heat, that's not good and can make your curls frizzy. I also don't diffuse to dry my hair, I always leave it a little damp.  Air drying is always best!

After diffusing for about 30 minutes, I added some of the pomade to my edges to keep them down.  If I had to choose just one of the products from this line, it would be the mask.  It made my curls super defined and it smells amazing!