Melissa's Sweet Style: Spring is MIA!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring is MIA!

Is it Spring???  I think NJ is still trying to figure that out!

I'm having the hardest time picking out outfits seems like the weather is all over the place.  I don't want to continue wearing my winter clothes, and there's this brisk breeze in the air which makes it difficult to wear my spring clothes.  I visit some of my favorite bloggers site and they have these super cute florals and neon's, meanwhile I'm still wearing boots and longsleeves!  I know your wondering why am I still wearing boots????  Well If I wear open toe or ballet flats my feet feel like little popsicle's, I know you have to suffer for fashion but frozen toes and fingers = NOT FAB!  I heard that today was supposed to be around husband thinks that's perfect weather, but I need at least mid 70's to be comfy.  Here I am braving the cold breeze, and wearing my glitter oxfords.  My camera died after just 1 pic and not a very good one, I wanted to take pics outside so you can see how sparkly my shoes are, but since the weather isn't getting any warmer this week; I'm sure I will feature them on a later post.

Shirt: old but keeps me warm :)
Jeans: NY & Company
Shoes: Glitter oxfords from Mandees
Belt: NY & Company

Happy Hump Day Sweets!

Sweet Melissa


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