Melissa's Sweet Style: May 2016

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Banana Republic Photo Shoot

Feels so good to be back!  Missed you dolls!   So many things are happening....... life is crazy like that.  The past month has been bananas!  No pun!  

I have tons to share with you and a huge announcement will be up soon but for now, I'll start by giving you a behind the scenes look of a photo shoot I did with Banana Republic.  

I worked on a style post with BR and they decided to choose some of their favorite bloggers to work with them on a photo shoot and I was one of the lucky ones.

  It was honestly one of the best days that I've had since starting my blog.   It was such an honor to work with a company that I've admired as well as shopped at for years.   

I didn't know how to act when I saw myself on this board......SOOO COOL!!!!!  


My makeup was super natural.  I don't wear heavy makeup usually, but I was surprised how simple it was for a photo shoot.  Not even fake lashes!!!  

After getting all glammed up it was time to put my first outfit on, I had a total of 4 looks.  I also had no idea that the shoot would be outside.  I have never modeled before so I assumed we would be in a studio just snapping pictures, but it was not like that at all!!!  

We were all over the streets of NYC trying to get that perfect shot.  I even found myself getting my makeup done and hiding from the rain in a supermarket.  It was a horrible, cold and rainy day but I was so excited it didn't even phase me.  I was in my total Gigi Hadid moment all day long.  I was ready to quit my 9-5, take head shots and become a model.  Don't laugh....LOL!!!  

Shoe & accessory heaven!

My favorite outfit from the shoot.  The blazer was made of this basket weave material that felt amazing.  It's definitely a piece you can wear through all the seasons.

Pretending I wasn't freezing....

The weather was horrible and I actually felt sick that day but it was a day that I'll never forget.  

Here are some of the professional pics.

Hope you enjoy the pics!  

Thank you Banana Republic for making my modeling dreams come true!