Melissa's Sweet Style: Sweet Buys (Forever 21 & H & M)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sweet Buys (Forever 21 & H & M)


I wanted to share with you some of my latest buys!  I went to Forever 21 and tried to use my Christmas gift card......finally!  But I endend up having to order the blazer online because they didn't have my size in store. 

I think this blazer is super versatile.  I already have a nude colored blazer from The Limited and it does look a little similar to this, but this one is more peachy.  The actual color is peony and its from the Love 21 collection.  They had it in a really cute blue color too, but I just think I will get more use out of this color.  I really wanted a brighter colored blazer but they just didn't fit the way I wanted.  Also, a lot of the blazers at Forever 21 are dressy and I was looking for a very casual piece.  
I was in serious need of arm candy.  I have LOTS of bracelets but they are all bangle style.  I really like the rhinestones on this beauty and I can't wait to stack it!

H & M was having their bikini sale!  Swim suits starting at $4.95, YES please!  I got this top and of course they didn't have the matching bottoms in my size, but I thought this neon pink went well.  What do you think????  I also got a really cute neon green top but I had to return it....way to small!  I was going to try and color block this neon pink with the green top but it didn't fit :(   Do you sweets mix bathing suit bottoms and tops???  I do this ALL the time!

I wish I had more to show you, but this is all I got at the mall last weekend.  I hope you guys enjoy this post and the rest of your FRIDAYYYYYY!!!!!!



  1. love d blazer!!! :)
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  2. omg great find on the F21 bracelet. I am going to buy one for myself too. :)

  3. hello melissa!thank you so much for visiting my blog!i love your style i am your new follower!keep in touch!

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  5. I love that classy blazer!! Following you!

    Kisses, Lucy:)

  6. Very great post)

  7. very great post)

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  9. Amaaaaazinnngggg... Nice Photos Honey. I like you Blog ;) I Follow You ...if you like my Blog follow me back. Big Kisses from Germany ;****

  10. I love this blazer! And I NEED to go to H&M and get a swimsuit... they always have cute ones but I never want to try them on :)

    Cute blog!

    xo, Megan

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