Melissa's Sweet Style: VS Sports Bra

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

VS Sports Bra

Hi there sweets!  I was too excited when I was sent the new Victoria Secret Sports Bra.  I don't workout as often as I should.  When I do workout, I'm always in a tank and shorts since I workout at home.  After working out in this bra, I never want to wear a tank again!  This bra was so comfortable and supportive.  It almost made me want to workout longer!  It has a crossback, breathable padding, & Body-Wick to keep you cool & dry.  The fashionable side of me loves that they come in so many different prints and colors.  I truly recommend this bra if your a runner or if your bustier up top.  The only con that I would have, is that it's a little pricey with most raging between $40-$60.  In the end, would I buy this sports bra?  Yes!  I really enjoyed working out in it, and I thought the support was great!
xo xo


  1. Looks good on you Mel!

  2. I always look at them and never buy them because of the price,but it looks like a good investment!!! That color looks great on you :)


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