Melissa's Sweet Style: Birchbox & W3llPeople

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Birchbox & W3llPeople

I love makeup for breakfast!  On Friday I was invited to breakfast with Birchbox and W3LL People.  The Birchbox HQ was so chic, open, and FUN!  Looks like a fun place to work, and of course beauty products everywhere! 

I was super early.  Breakfast was at 9 and I got there at 8:30, my friends would be proud!  #alwayslate

W3LL People is makeup that is 100% all natural with organic aloe. 

Co-founder and makeup guru Shirley Pinkson, shared the wonders of how well “green” cosmetics can really work.  W3LL People received a "Green Star" by Elle Magazine.  That's the best of the best in natural and organic cosmetics.  The judges faves were the Hedonist All Natural Mineral Bronzer and the Hypnotist Natural Eyepencil. 

I got to play with the entire collection and everything felt so velvety and smooth.  My favorite product of the line has to be the UNIVERSALIST LUMINOUS MULTI-USE COLORSTICK.  It comes in all these wonderful colors and you can pretty much stick it anywhere. 

Blogger friend Hallie from Sleepless in Sequins

Makeup Heaven!

I got a nude lippy and bronzy eyes for my makeover.

Co-founder and makeup guru Shirley Pinkson

Blogger & Birchbox babes!

A morning of makeup and blogger babes is always a good morning!  Thank you Birchbox and W3LL People, I had a great time!

After Birchbox I visited the S.I.N.N Style showroom and I can't wait to share my fun collaboration with them.  Stay tuned!

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  1. How fun! The perfect way to start the day :)

  2. aaahw looks good !

  3. What a fantastic opportunity! Looks like you had a great time. Your friend from LBC.


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