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Friday, October 4, 2013


It's Friday!!!  I'm doing the Friday dance.....woopwoop!  
I've missed you sweets!  I wish, I could blog more often but I just haven't had the time.  For the most part my hubby takes my pics, and he's been working long hours and on the weekends; so I've had to put blogging on hold.  

Tonight is DIVA MOVIE NIGHT!  My friends and I are corny, I know!  LOL!  Anytime my friends and I get together, we call each other diva's.  DUH!  LOL!  Anyway, I'm hoping to get home and put together a cute outfit for you all.  Now lets see which one of my diva's is going to take my pics.  Most likely it will be Laura.....she's my artistic diva!  Hubby has a light work schedule this weekend so I will definitely have a few new posts next week, but for now here are some of my instagram pics.

I was soooo mad when I realized I had missed the Phillip Lim for Target collection.  I must have called everyone I know to find this bag for me, I finally find it and I end up selling it to my friend.  I'm a little crazy, I know!  I was struck with #LIMSANITY

Color Club in "First Looks"


It's a #selfie world and I love living in it!


My favorite fall boots #ninewest

Bun Life

I LOVE this J-lo sweater for #kohls

I won this bag filled with goodies from New York Fashion Week!  Thank you #BCBG

This weeks mani - Essie "Big Spender"  and my new bow bracelet by #groopdealz

Too many selfies?  NEVER!

Did an instagram contest with #ninewest and I won this beautiful leather satchel! 

Have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for visiting!

xo xo

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