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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Read Between The Lines

Happy day sweets! 
Keeping this post short and sweet!  I'm leaving work early and I'm soooo busy!  Isn't that how it always works!  I'm breaking all the rules on this post, wearing white after Labor Day and mixing prints!  Just call me a rebel!  When the hubby saw me in these jeans, he says "you do know it's October, right?"  I told him, it's ok to break the rules sometimes!  Right?  Oh, one more thing.......

I'm going to LUCKY FABB!!!!  It's one of the biggest fashion conferences and I'm so excited to be able to attend!  I have all my outfits picked out and I'll be wearing these leopard booties with all of them!  Leopard is the new neutral and these bad boys are comfy and chic!   


Handbag: Nine West

Cardigan: Old, I think Steve & Barry's (don't judge me) lol......
Hello Gorgeous tee & White jeans: Old Navy
Handbag: Nine West
Watch: Avon
Bracelets: Crown & Glitter
Booties: H&M

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a lovely day!

To my amazing hubby, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  


  1. I love it! SO cute and love your hair! See ya later;)

  2. Love the mixing of prints, your hair looks so gorgeous as well..:)

  3. Melissa--this look is awesome!! Love the mixing of the stripes. Oh, and I am ordering that bag!

  4. Just found your blog and it's so cute! I really love it! I've had a good read of a few posts and I honestly can't wait to read some more! New follower over here xx


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