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Friday, August 16, 2013


TGIF!!!!  So happy the weekend is here!  I don't have plans but the weather is supposed to be glorious here in NJ, so that's a plus!  I feel like I haven't shared my IG pics in forever!  I actually checked and the last time was 7/12!  So with that are my latest Insta pics!

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Classic red mani (Rimmel London -Stilleto Red) & my new pants from H & M (I'm in LOVE with these pants!)

Jewels & Malls proposed, and I said YES!  #myneckisengaged

I like my breakfast pink!
I love these goody ouchless elastics!  Fashionable and practical! 

 Selfie!  Some days I love this lighter hair, and other days I miss my darker locks.....

New goodies! 

Soaking up the last bit of summer in my short, shorts!  I LOVE these flip-flops!  My cousin Dana gifted them to me, and they have a super cute rhinestone fish!  How adorable.....thanks D!

Spending the day with my favorite boys (nephews) at Six Flags Great Adventure! 

Titi needed a break!  My feet were killing me!   

 Bathroom Selfie in AC!

Gelato at Harrah's is a must!  I had birthday cake and coconut!  Que rico!

Late night margaritas at Dos Caminos! 

Box oh MONEYYYYY! #agirlcandream!

Check out!
Even though I was only away for 3 days, I love being with my hunny!  Wish we were
 rich so we could spend all of our days together.....I'm so corny! #loveyoubabe!

I'll have another outfit post on Monday of what I wore to dinner in AC.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks for visiting!

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  1. I love the lighter hair! I did the same thing for summer. I'm going to let mine grow out into "ombre" style.

  2. Melissa I love your lighter hair...I think you look SOO BEAUTIFUL! But I also totally understand how you feel! I miss my darker locks too! Hope you had a great weekend girl! :)


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